Wireclass is an international company that provides consulting services, solution delivery and managed services to many of the world's leading organizations

Our Consulting business assists our customers to extract maximum benefit from business and technology investments.

Our Solutions business enables measurable business transformation and improvement through the implementation of back and front office solutions, our industry specific solutions and other information technologies.

Our Managed Services business delivers hardware and software based services that provide a high level of on–going support to our clients.

Through our three integrated lines of business Wireclass maximizes delivered benefit and produces tailored outcomes by utilizing six core services:
  • Value Management
  • Business Advisory
  • Business Change
  • IT Advisory
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Software Development

Our Business Consulting Group bases its relationships on the generation of long-term trust. This has turned Wireclass into a commercial partner for the companies with whom we work. This enables us to apply our solutions all along the course of the value chain. Our Business Consulting Service Unit comprises highly-specialized areas of business strategy. Each area generates a frame of reference within the market, offering a high value add to our clients through our expert teams. Our offering is characterized by the following attributes:

  • Sectorization : This addresses the strategic requirements of our clients using our broad range of vertical and business expertise. This includes a significant volume of knowledge on business necessities as well as the relationships that companies maintain with their clients, competitors and suppliers.
  • Specialization : We have a broad range of knowledge on specific business functions and understand how to resolve the business challenges faced by our clients.
  • Executable : In collaboration with our clients, we are committed to the implementation of their strategic business objectives. We base our ability to obtain the desired results on the strength of the relationship with our clients.
  • Global : We have a broad understanding of our client´s overall necessities from a comprehensive point of view in the marketplaces in which our company operates.
  • We also have the capability to resolve specific strategic business requirements. The Business Consulting unit service offering consists of three different types of service:
  • Transformation : we have the capability to explore new areas of opportunity that reach beyond the rendering of conventional services.
  • Strategic : our service offering is focused on the CEO and the Board of Directors and deals with strategic company requirements such as: purchasing, the advent of new business and / or organizational redesign.
  • Business : we have the capability to resolve the problems faced by company business unit and functional directors. We accomplish this by providing these directors with the ability to achieve pre-established goals and thus improve client account results using, for example, new products, sales objectives or churn reductions.

Wireclass is measured by the success of its clients. With every engagement, Wireclass uses a tailored approach to deliver the best possible outcome for each client.

Business consulting services have become a necessity for companies today to obtain the right direction. The firms provide professional, cost effective management consulting services for the business and information technology communities.

Whether you are running a small business or something on a very large scale, business consulting services will help you take the right steps in the right direction to ultimately increase your revenues. Wireclass´s main job is to provide advisory services to help senior management improve the effectiveness of corporate strategy, process, or operations by assessing business needs and reviewing business functions, plans and directions.

Wireclass have expert teams who excel in conducting a market research and work with the aim to empower their clients with a significant competitive advantage. Wireclass´s corporate executives resort to both quantitative and qualitative research methods for optimum results.

Wireclass will provide service like: Information systems planning, analysis and design; operations process and workflow analysis; performance improvement, business automation planning; computer hardware and software evaluation, selection and implementation; project management and facilitation; internet and web site strategy; web design; network planning; financial and manufacturing systems; feasibility studies; cost containment; contingency planning.

All the above mentioned services help business establish themselves firmly in their respective industries. One of the major services in demand is a thorough market research. If this research is conducted by experts, the next move or strategy for your business can be planned with confidence and with the least amount of risk. Wireclass professional experience can also predict the results from a particular move made by a company. Therefore, our advice and consultancy can vastly help business travel the way to success confidently. The services Wireclass provides are innovative solutions meant specifically to suit your particular business which ultimately helps to maximize your growth opportunities and dominate your competition. This comprehensive quantitative research provides insights into what factors are driving your markets and where they are forecasted to go in the future.

The business consulting professionals in Wireclass also help you to take crucial business decisions. There may be occasions when one small decision can affect your business to a great extent either in the positive direction or the negative. The consultants help you by collecting the relevant data from authentic sources along with economic, demographic & social statistics that will support your decision making process.

Business consulting services can be a massive support for businesses in any industry. Wireclass help you achieve your business objective with an assurance that you are taking the right step.