Product Engineering

Successful product engineering combines deep technical expertise and insight to leading-edge business strategies. Wireclass's global development team acts as an extension of your product team, carefully executing your vision with attention to software security, future-proof architecture, and intuitive user experience.

As a company dedicated to product engineering for more than a decade, Wireclass brings diverse vertical domain experience and broad technology platform competencies, including cloud, mobile, and SAS product development. Through best-practice processes, strict QA standards and complete transparency with clients, Wireclass consistently delivers inspired custom products within the time and budget parameters required by business.

Product Development Lifecycle
  • Product Conceptualization
  • Architecture Design and Prototype
  • Development & Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance & support

Outsourced Product Development

With the constant evolution of the technology landscape, companies must choose development vendors adept not only at solving today's challenges but anticipating future needs. Factors such as frequent upgrades, mobile integration, multi-lingual support, regional regulations and cloud compatibility underscore the importance of broad expertise and a proven record of success. Wireclass brings more than a decade of product development experience and offers clients distinct value through its end-to-end product development lifecycle solutions.

Services Offerings
  • Product Re-engineering
  • Product Development
  • Product Management
  • Integration
  • Testing
  • Product Support

Application Development and Maintenance

Wireclass's Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) services empower enterprises through responsive global software teams and versatile application architecture. Wireclass's proven application maintenance model also helps organizations maximize the value of existing IT applications through maintainability analysis, responsive services, and application enhancement. The strength of Wireclass's ADM services stems from our renowned program management and long record of successful delivery for clients around the globe. Wireclass's services leverage partnerships with leading software manufacturers and benchmarked quality and process standards. Our agile response service models ensure clients stay ahead of the constant changes of a dynamic market.

Microsoft SharePoint Services

Wireclass's certified SharePoint consulting teams not only bring a comprehensive understanding of the leading enterprise collaboration product. More importantly, they have the practical experience of applying SharePoint to solve complex business challenges for companies around the globe. Wireclass enables organizations to leverage the full potential of SharePoint through analysis and alignment with enterprise business goals. Having conducted SharePoint implementations for customers throughout the US, India and APAC, we understand the common challenges both in SMB and Fortune 500 companies. Our SharePoint service offerings help these companies to:

  • Migrate data and processes to SharePoint from legacy systems
  • Develop custom applications within SharePoint
  • Install or upgrade SharePoint
  • Host the software while providing continuous monitoring and maintenance.

SOA Services

An effective SOA architecture provides optimal flexibility for organizations to orchestrate the services of diverse systems. Wireclass manages the end-to-end SOA design, implementation and maintenance tailored to the unique requirements of your organization. By combining insights from global experience with an extensive analysis of your enterprise goals, Wireclass architects a standards-based SOA approach within a future-proof infrastructure environment. With the increased agility SOA provides, your enterprise is empowered to recombine services in innovative ways to reach business goals faster and more cost effectively.

Wireclass's SOA service offerings:
  • SOA Assessment and Envisioning
  • SOA Governance and Architecture
  • SOA Enablement
  • SOA Service Development
  • SOA Delivery and Implementation
  • SOA Management
  • SOA Competency Centers

Managed Testing / QA Services

Wireclass provides a comprehensive range of on-shore, off-shore and hybrid testing and QA services to its global clients. Wireclass's expertise in critical test processes such as automation, performance and integration testing helps customers ensure the quality of their applications and systems. Wireclass uses multiple test optimization tools to maximize the speed and accuracy of your testing processes. Wireclass QA services include Regression Testing, Compatibility Testing, Alpha & Beta Testing, Integration Testing and Performance Testing. On an enterprise level, Wireclass's outsourced testing services will reduce QA bottlenecks and free development teams to focus on innovation and application enhancement.

Value Proposition Managed Testing Services
  • Dedicated test centers for customers
  • Testing lines with tools and technologies
  • Defining test framework
  • Creating test harness
  • Creating test scripts and test data
  • Defining reporting mechanism/system for test runs
  • Carrying out test runs in various environments